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Why We Are (our ethos and knowledge sources)

The predicted consequences of accelerating climate change are devastating — the worst case scenarios are doomsday stuff.

The timeframes for impacts are shortening faster than politics, economics and society can comprehend, let alone react to — earth systems have already started to change in ways not expected for another 50–80 years.

The world continues to emit greenhouse gases faster and faster even as we go past the “dangerous climate change” threshold our current efforts are attempting to avoid.

Sustainability (however defined) will be impossible to achieve unless there are substantial and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

After two decades focused on greenhouse, sustainability and environmental issues, the compartmentalisation of our responses to the unfolding crises that confront us is clearly inadequate to solve them.

What is needed is for our actions, whenever possible, to create multiple benefits that go beyond just “solving” the immediate problem.

Australia, and more broadly the world, is at a cross roads. We must respond in a way that drives change, putting us onto a path towards sustainability, despite the perturbations that greenhouse will cause.

We have enormous opportunities to make our greenhouse response profitable while being socially and environmentally sustainable.

Our vision is of nations taking full advantage of the best technology and techniques on offer that support the people, their economy and the ecology in which we exist.

A carbon constrained future with legislative requirements is a fact of any future economy. Delays in compiling inventories and reducing emissions will increase business expenses in the future while missing out on the opportunities that can be created.

What Is?

This section of the website provides some information on key issues, terms and aspects of twin imperatives of climate change and sustainability. We have tried to provide succinct information with links to the relevant documents and websites which will help you explore further if you want to. This part of the website is under constant development.

What’s New?

This is where we put either downloadable documents or links to the latest reports, papers and events that we have come across. Some of the stuff on this page we agree with, others we don’t but they all form part of the spectrum of effort which is focussed on greenhouse and sustainability.

Resources and Useful Links

This page lists a range of resources and links to useful, informative webpages. Some of these you may have already accessed or visited while some might be of interest if you wish to explore the issues we deal with everyday in more detail.