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Renewable Energy and Greenhouse Networks

Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES)

As of early November 2009, the Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society changed its name to the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES). 

Involvement with ANZSES (and now AuSES) has continued since the mid 1990s when research findings on self sufficiency in domestic energy supply were published as a part of the ANZSES’ annual conference proceedings.

ANZSES is a forum for technology development and application. The term “solar energy” in the Society’s name refers to all renewable energy sources originating from the sun such as solar radiation (photovoltaic and solar thermal), wind (wind energy), biomass and biogas, biofuels, and hydroelectricity.

International Solar Energy Society (ISES)

Founded in 1954, ISES is a UN-accredited NGO present in more than 50 countries. It supports the advancement of renewable energy technology, its implementation and greater levels of education about renewable energy all over the world.

Greenhouse Gas Experts Network

The Greenhouse Gas Experts Network is an international community of experts in the methodologies and systems for quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from sources (and removals by sinks). Its mission is to professionalise and improve the capacity of experts working on greenhouse gas inventory, monitoring, and verification issues.

Beyond Neutral® and its director are listed in the network’s Professional Directory.

UNEP Climate Neutral Network

The United Nations Environment Program’s (UNEP) Climate Neutral Network (CN Net) has been established to assist those interested in achieving big cuts in greenhouse gas emissions to achieve their goals through publicityof their efforts, acting as a forum, and as a honest broker to green the development path and support the Millennium Development Goals. CN Net is supported by UNEP, which itself become climate neutral in 2008.

Beyond Neutral® is listed as a participant of CN Net.