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Sustainability Assessments (how sustainable are you?)

Do you want to improve the sustainability of your operations?

Do you know where to start?

Do you have baseline of sustainability against which to measure the success or otherwise of your efforts?

We can help you.

Through the use of a sustainability assessment, we can establish “how sustainable” your organisation is which will create a baseline against which you will be able to monitor and report progress towards greater levels of sustainability.

The assessment examines the culture within the organisation and the social environment within which it operates as these may be impacting on its sustainability, or will affect the types of actions that are possible.

The outcomes from the assessment is communicated in detail to the organisation and a set of recommendations are provided.

The sustainability assessment will identify a range of actions that your organisation can implement. Some will enable you to make some rapid improvements at low cost, while others are likely to require a capital outlay which will be recouped over varying timeframes.

Previous sustainability assessments have examined the use of energy, water and chemicals, the production of waste and the use of recycled products.

We held interviews with key members of each organisation to gather intelligence about how the built environment in which they operated, the organisation’s culture and their individual behaviour affected the sustainability profile.

The outcomes from each assessment were communicated in detail and recommendations provided. These recommendations ranged from:

  • low cost, simple behavioural changes, through to
  • minor modifications to practices and equipment that provided positive outcomes very rapidly, through to
  • major equipment and infrastructure changes that had moderate to long term returns.

The recommendations have been used by the organisations to:

  • identify what can be done immediately,
  • develop action plans with feasible low cost, high return projects, and
  • support grant applications under various government schemes.