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Greenhouse Solutions

Verification (of your project or product/ service)

If you have a project or product that you want to accredit, we can verify it for you.

Abatement Projects

We are an accredited independent verifier of greenhouse abatement projects for Greenhouse Friendly™.

We are accredited for Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy, and one of five companies accredited for Land Use Change and Forestry.

For abatement projects seeking accreditation under Greenhouse Friendly™, we will evaluate either:

  • the project’s Eligibility Statement, Emission/ Abatement Study and Project Monitoring Plan, prior to its approval, or
  • the abatement claim for an already approved Greenhouse Friendly™ project.

In addition to being a Greenhouse Friendly™ verifier, we are a pre-approved auditor for projects seeking to participate in Origin’s Carbon Reduction Scheme. This scheme relies on a portfolio of offsets which are independently validated and verified by an external auditor, to standards like Greenhouse Friendly™.

Products and Services

We are an accredited independent verifier of greenhouse products and services for Greenhouse Friendly™.

For greenhouse products and services seeking certification under Greenhouse Friendly™, we will undertake a rigorous evaluation of either:

  • the product’s or service’s Life Cycle Assessment and Emission Monitoring Plan prior to its certification, or
  • the annual report for an already certified Greenhouse Friendly™ product or service.