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Validate, Verify/ Audit (checking what you report)

Validation Services for Greenhouse Reporting

If your inventory development processes are already well established, we offer a validation service which can be used as a part of your reporting system’s quality control.

Validation is essentially a pre-audit check of your reporting system, the data it produces, the records it keeps and the reports it produces.

We will provide validation of your report against the criteria of completeness, consistency, accuracy, transparency, relevance and conservativeness.

An advantage of using Beyond Neutral® as either your company’s consultant on greenhouse reporting or to conduct validation of your reporting is that we bring an understanding of the issues that need to be covered off for a greenhouse verification/ audit to proceed smoothly.

We will cast a “verifier’s eye” over your reporting and give you an honest appraisal as your consultant.

As an experienced verifier of greenhouse reporting, Beyond Neutral® can help your company test whether it meets the requirements of whichever scheme you are reporting under.

By engaging Beyond Neutral®, you get access to our knowledge and experience as an integral part of your team; we will identify and resolve reporting issues prior to you submitting your report to a third party’s scrutiny.

We have enabled our clients to achieve successful verification outcomes, minimising compliance costs, the potential for adverse findings and the need to undertake further work on their reporting.

Around 20% of the greenhouse reports we have prepared for clients have been successfully independently verified to the AS/ISO 14064 standard and to a reasonable assurance level.

Verification Services for Greenhouse Reporting

Beyond Neutral® was a Greenhouse Challenge Plus (GCP) accredited independent verifier of its members’ greenhouse reporting from 2005, when GCP established its panel of accredited independent verifiers.

Beyond Neutral® was accredited by GCP for Fossil Fuel, Renewable Energy and Land Use Change and Forestry scopes.

We have undertaken independent verifications of the reporting of greenhouse inventories across multiple years to the AS ISO 14064.3 – 2006 standard and of reasonable assurance, and have assessed the reasonableness of abatement claims and performance benchmarks.

The sectors previously verified are discussed under what we have done. Our technical expertise encompasses energy generation and supply, water treatment, sewerage, transport, food and industrial processing, building management, agriculture, land use change and forestry.

Verifications typically assess greenhouse reporting for completeness, consistency, accuracy, transparency, relevance and conservativeness.

There are a range of verification opinions that can be presented at the end of the verification process and we have experience in presenting all of them from an unqualified opinion through to being unable to form an opinion due to a variety of reasons.

We apply the principles of independence, ethical conduct and fair representation while performing the verifications.

NGERS and CPRS Auditing

Beyond Neutral® intends to play a role in the auditing processes of NGERS and CPRS, though the rules relating to gaining accreditation and conducting audits under these schemes are still being developed by the Department of Climate Change.