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Technical Advice 

Technical advice as used here is a catch-all phrase covering general consulting services including research, impact assessment, development of codes of practice and policy, training, presentations, and reviews of reports, projects, programs and databases.  We provide it regularly to corporate and Government clients on a diverse range of topics.

Our experience of two decades in the environment sector and 13 years focussed on greenhouse, renewable energy and sustainability issues enables us to provide you with quality technical advice and other services.

Our expertise encompasses energy generation and supply, water treatment, sewerage, transport, food and industrial processing, building management, agriculture, land use change and forestry.

We provide advice that, where appropriate, is based on fundamentals that target approaches providing multiple benefits which work to improve the intra-and inter-generational sustainability of society.

The following list is not exhaustive but gives an indication of the type of technical advice we are able to provide:

  • Research and input into projects focussed on greenhouse, energy, land use and sustainability.
  • Producing input into impact assessment processes on issues relating to greenhouse, energy (production and efficiency) and sustainability.
  • Gathering of information, its subsequent analysis and production of a report and associated materials for the client across a wide range of topics.
  • Providing advice on questions relating to greenhouse, energy, sustainability and environmental issues.
  • Development of greenhouse tools to assist understanding of staff and customers.
  • Production of quality information and accurate wording for use in publicity materials minimising the risk of unclear or misleading statements being made.
  • Production of policy position papers on greenhouse, energy, sustainability and environmental issues.
  • Provision of expert witness services.
  • Reviews of reports and technical information as a part of quality assurance processes.
  • Review of programs, policies, contracts and position statements for Government and business.
  • External review of impact assessment treatment of greenhouse, energy (production and efficiency) and sustainability issues.
  • Giving presentations, seminars, workshops at conferences, university courses and to company staff.
  • Providing training and guidance to staff.
  • Judging of awards.

If you have any need for technical advice, contact us and we will be happy to discuss how we can help.