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Greenhouse Solutions

Greenhouse Reporting (telling others about what you emit)

There are a large number of reporting schemes which you may need or want to report to.

A non-exhaustive list would include the mandatory National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System (NGERS), the Cities for Climate Protection® program, the Carbon Disclosure Project and greenhouse reporting for members of various government and industry based schemes.  There are also your own corporate Annual/ Sustainability/ Environmental Reports and your communications with your investors, customers and suppliers.

All of these have various requirements which need to be met and target audiences that are seeking information on which they can base their judgement of your performance.

We can help you navigate your way through the compliance and communication requirements associated with your reporting of your greenhouse performance.

You can rely on our skills and experience to help you effectively report your emissions and what you have done to reduce them.

We have extensive experience reporting on greenhouse performance and assessing others’ reports. Rather than going into it here, we have discussed it under what we have done.

We combine our knowledge of inventory and performance indicator development, and experience in assessing action plans to produce comprehensive reports that will meet and typically exceed the required compliance level of most reporting schemes.

Our reports provide enough detail to meet all your reporting requirements and they can be modified to accommodate any particular requirements you have.

Our clients regularly use the greenhouse data we develop for their external greenhouse reporting processes and for their corporate Sustainability Report and/or their company’s Annual Report.

Over 20% of the greenhouse reports produced for our clients have been successfully independently verified to typically the AS/ISO 14064 standard with no material discrepancies identified.

Our abilities in greenhouse reporting were recognised when Beyond Neutral® had the opportunity to present a case study on greenhouse reporting for the 3rd Best Practice in Sustainability Reporting conference in 2008.

Our approach has benefited our clients as they have been able to build on their greenhouse reporting experiences to more fully understand the impact of the NGERS and CPRS on their business.  Another client utilised our approach to not only meet their current greenhouse reporting requirements but to assist their establishment of a reporting system in preparation for the NGERS.

How Is It Done? (in summary)

The process of producing a quality greenhouse report typically involves:

  • Review of client’s reporting boundary.
  • Small scale, targeted meetings with key operational staff explaining the reporting requirements, discuss current and future abatement activities, and to answer questions on greenhouse issues.
  • Development of an inventory that meets the criteria of completeness, consistency, accuracy, transparency, relevance and conservativeness.
  • Identification and tracking of abatement activities across the company’s operations, extending out to its suppliers, customers and the community it operates in.
  • Quantification of meaningful performance indicators.
  • Executive summary outlining key features and changes of the company’s boundary, inventory, abatement plan and indicators.
  • Fine detail text explaining the assumptions, calculation processes and emission factors used.
  • Production of summary information for release externally.