Beyond Neutral

Greenhouse Solutions

Greenhouse Inventory (What you emit — your footprint)

We will help you identify your emissions performance by developing a detailed, credible and verifiable inventory.

In order to address your footprint, you need to know how large it is and where it comes from. Once you know your footprint, we can assist you with an action plan to reduce it internally and through the use of our Carbon Offset Portfolio.

We have extensive experience in developing inventories, assessing the results and verifying the records and calculations underpinning the inventory. Rather than going into it here, we have discussed it under what we have done.

We will work with you in an accessible and helpful way to:

  • establish your emissions boundary
    • i.e. what needs to be included, what is outside of your boundary.
  • identify the gases that you emit and any carbon sinks that you have
    • i.e. six Kyoto Protocol gases, scopes 1, 2 and 3, credible offset and sink claim.
  • ensure that your records are able to be verified/audited
    • i.e. which records are used, what needs to documented.
  • develop and use meaningful greenhouse performance indicators
    • i.e. what best reflects your business, are you more greenhouse efficient
  • track your emissions from year to year
    • i.e. what has happened, why, is your footprint bigger or smaller.
  • prepare for a carbon constrained future
    • i.e. ready for mandatory reporting, emissions trading, demands from investors.

Once you have a credible inventory, you can then use it as a part of your greenhouse and sustainability communications with staff, customers, shareholders, investors and the various programs you participate in.

By having a detailed understanding of your emissions, you will be able to more fully understand the impact of NGERS and CPRS on your business.

How Is It Done? (in summary)

The process of producing a quality, credible greenhouse inventory typically involves:

  • Establishment and review of your emissions boundary.
  • Coordination of inventory and performance indicator data gathering.
  • Small scale, targeted meetings with key staff from distinct operational areas within your company to explain inventory requirements, how the process will progress and to answer questions on greenhouse issues.
  • Conduct of a detailed analysis tailored to your operations using current and/or appropriate emission factors.
  • Developing a detailed inventory covering the six Kyoto Protocol gas types.
  • Provision of an executive summary outlining key features of the company’s boundary, its annual greenhouse inventory and a comparison and explanation, where possible, against the previous year’s performance.
  • Fine detail text explaining the assumptions, calculation processes and emission factors used in the development of the inventory.