Beyond Neutral

Greenhouse Solutions

What We Do (how we can help you)

We can help you deal with a wide range of greenhouse and sustainability issues including:

We can help:

You will access high quality specialist skills and extensive experience demonstrated in around 100 projects addressing all aspects of greenhouse inventories and reporting, emission reduction actions, verification, renewable energy, agriculture and land use change and environmental impact assessment. Our expertise encompasses energy generation and supply, water treatment, sewerage, transport, food and industrial processing, building management, agriculture, land use change and forestry.

Compliance and Beyond

We will help you comply with whichever regulatory or voluntary scheme you are operating within in an accessible way, ensuring compliance while assisting continual improvement in work practices. We will help your firm get on the “front foot” and start to leverage off your need to comply in order to turn your greenhouse response into a positive for your business.

We believe there is more to responding to the twin imperatives than just complying with current rules. Over 13 years, we’ve observed companies pro-actively go beyond compliance and hence, be better prepared for changes in the regulatory and consumer environment caused by the recognition of the need for a carbon constrained economy.

Our clients’ transition to NGERS has been less of a burden as we had helped establish their comprehensive reporting systems. They have been able to focus on moving forward into the greenhouse economy rather than needing to get their systems “up to speed”.

Follow the links for information on how we can help you with inventory development and greenhouse reporting, as well as validation and verification services.

Technical advice is used as a catch-all phrase covering general consulting services including research, impact assessment, development of codes of practice and policy, training and presentations, and reviews of reports, projects, programs and databases.

Greenhouse Projects and Beyond

Beyond Neutral® promotes that any action undertaken should, where possible, provide multiple benefits which move individuals, companies and society towards greater levels of sustainability.

We can assist you to establish a comprehensive abatement action plan(of typically 40–80 actions for larger firms) focused on mitigation projects, organisational cultural change and continual improvement of company processes, procedures and practices.

Our specialist mitigation/ adaptation advice includes areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, agriculture and land use change options, and the development of greenhouse policies, codes of practice and procedures.

We offer assistance with gaining accreditation for your greenhouse project, helping to streamline the process by identifying the issues that verifiers will be looking at and advising on how to improve the project’s prospects for success. On the other side of the fence, we can undertake the verification of your greenhouse project’s/ product’s claims.

More than Neutrality

An exciting approach to the issues of greenhouse and sustainability is the Carbon Offset Portfolio. This provides a smorgasbord of credible offset types which have varying degrees of sustainability dividend associated with each type.

We provide a range of options for organisations and individuals to enable them to create some clear air around them to communicate their greenhouse, sustainability and environmental credentials. Contact us if you would like to discuss some of the approaches and how they can be made to work for you.

Sustainability Services

We are able to provide advice which will assist you to improve the sustainability of your organisation.

We can undertake a wide range of sustainability reporting services for you which will help produce a robust, credible report which you can use to report to your target audiences and internally to identify where improvements in your can be made.

We also undertake sustainability assessments which can be comprehensive, or if so desired by the client, can cover key components of an organisation’s operations.

A typical assessment examines the sustainability of the client’s energy and water use, their waste generation and recycling. It may also assess the chemical use and other social and environmental criteria. A detailed assessment report is produced and suggestions for improvement provided.